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pear tart tartin

Yields1 Serving

This delicious tart can also be made with fig, bananna, peach, apricot or apple.

 4 pears, peeled and quartered
 1 cinnamon stick
 100g butter
 1 tbsp brandy
 ½ cup brown sugar
 1 sheet puff pastry
 200g Marscarpone
 1 tbsp brown sugar
 the zest of 1 lemon

Add the sugar, butter and cinnamon stick in a small frying pan and melt the butter through to create a sauce. Add the quartered pears and cook for 10 minutes or so until pears are caramelizing. Add the brandy and flambé (cook alcohol off). Set aside until cool.


Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Roll out a piece of puff pastry and cut it to size to fit the top of your fry pan.


Arrange the pears cut side up in the pan overlapping each other in a floral pattern. Drape the pastry over the top of the pan and tuck in the edges to the side of the pan. Prick the pastry a few times with a fork.


Place in the oven for 15 minutes, check for over flowing juices ( discard fluid if need be). Reduce the temperature to 180 degrees and bake for a further 15 minutes until pastry is golden. Stand for 10 minutes and turn out onto a serving plate.


Mix the lemon zest and brown sugar through the marscarpone. Serve with the tart.