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swedish gravlax with hovmästarsås

Yields8 Servings

A Swedish classic and a favourite of my family, this salmon gravlax is served with a sweet mustard sauce.

 23 kg whole salmon, filleted
 ¾ cup sea salt
 2 cups brown sugar
 2 bunches of dill
 1 lemon, zest
 2 tbsp black pepper
 2 tbsp caster sugar
 a pinch of salt
 1 tsp Dijon mustard
 3 tbsp sweet mustard
 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  olive oil
  bunch dill, chopped

For the salmon you will need to start 3 days prior to eating. Mix the salt, sugar, dill, zest and black pepper together in a bowl.


Using a deep sided dish big enough to take the whole fish ( if you do not have a dish, use a disposable foil baking tray). Layer the bottom of the dish with the salt mixture, place the first fillet in the dish skin side down. Add the salt mixture to the flesh and sandwich it flesh side down with the other fillet. Place the remaining salt mixture on top of the second fillet and cover tightly with cling wrap. Using a brick or a few canned food tins as a weight on top of the fish will give a better result. Place in the fridge.


You must turn the fish daily for 3 days.


Before serving make the sauce. Add the mustard to a bowl and using a whisk gradually add the oil whilst whisking then adding the salt, sugar and finishing with the dill.


Using a sharp knife, cut the gravlax into thin slices pulling it away from the skin and serve with the sauce , rye bread and lemon.


serves as a starter

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