Chicken Salad MixThe ultimate chicken salad mix that is creamy and super tasty. The most perfect lunch on crunchy cos leaves or between some soft bread or on top on toasted sourdough.
coc au vin blancA French classic that I’ve tweaked a little to make a lighter and healthier than the French classic , cod au vin.
classic pea & ham soupA family classic. My mum has always made this in bulk after Christmas with the left over ham bone. If you don’t have a ham bone to use, ham hocks are easily available at a butcher and they both give the best taste to this classic soup.
chicken and leek pieA classic chicken pie combination that is easy to prepare and quick to disappear.
beef stroganoffA much lighter version of the Russian staple; this Stroganoff is light and tasty.
swedish meatballsTo celebrate midsummers eve (a festive Swedish celebration to mark the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year) for my Swedish husband, I have bypassed the traditional herring and opted for the Swedish meatball! You may have seen these little meatballs in an Ikea store put I promise the homemade version is a delicious weekly staple. Serve with new boiled potatoes dressed with sour cream, dill and parsley and a few pickled cucumber.
tagliataThis is one of my favorite dishes to eat when I'm in Roma. "Tagliata di manzo" means cut steak and it is served with rocket and big chunky shards of parmigiano reggiano. I have added some cherry tomatoes for a little colour. This dish is a good twist on steak and salad.
bucantini all’amatricianaI first fell in love with this dish in Roma, eating it straight out of the pan at "Taverna Trilussa" in Trastevere. A simple tomato-based pasta but the enormous flavour comes from the guanciale ( dried pork cheek) hard to find here in Australia so substitute with pancetta. When I get the chance I love to cook it for friends in Rome. it is a very simple pasta sauce but everyone loves it. Traditionally it is served with bucantini, a long pasta with a hole in the middle so I say stick to the way they do it in Roma!