A Seriously Chocolate BrownieA Seriously decadent moist chocolate brownie with a crunchy top, so good hard to stop at one so cut them into small pieces.
Burnt Basque CheesecakeThis Spanish inspired Cheesecake is creamy and smooth with brunt caramel edges is deliciously naughty and should be enjoyed with many!
russian honey cakeRussian honey cake is the quintessential Eastern European cake. It takes little effort to make all these layers and is a great tasting and a great looking cake.
anzac biscuitsDon't buy a packet, make them yourself! Anzac biscuits are delicious and so easy to make, in 30 minutes they can be on the table with a cup of tea.
choc chip banana cakeA moist and delicious banana cake perfect for the lunch box that can be prepped and put I. the oven in 10 minutes!
orange cake with walnut pralineThis delicious moist orange cake with a rich cream cheese frosting is suitable at any hour of the day. Perfect for a celebration or just because you love to bake.
Marscapone Cheesecake with Baked PeachesThis marscapone cheesecake with baked peaches is the most wonderful cake to celebrate with. Rich and delicious , it's the perfect cake to enjoy with family and friends.
big kids chocolate cakeMake this moist chocolate cake for the one you love or decorate it with sprinkles to make a perfect kids birthday cake. This is a super easy chocolate cake recipe. You only need the basic ingredients and it comes out perfectly moist and yummy. I have used two cake pans for this recipe but you can use one larger pan if you prefer.
raspberries and creamA light and refreshing sweet treat of raspberries and cream, perfect for the end of a big meal.
pears with chocolate and datesYou could never be too full for this dessert of pears and chocolate, it has the perfect amount of sweetness to complement the end of a big winter meal.
rum and raisin panna cottaA light and festive dessert using rum and raisons, easily prepared the day before and quickly served when entertaining.
crème bruleeThis dessert is pure heaven and perfecting this easy custard will make you the perfect hostess!
pear tart tatinThis delicious tart can also be made with fig, bananna, peach, apricot or apple.
Torta Caprese , Flourless Chocolate CakeThis is a seriously rich and decadent chocolate cake and is a big favourite with many of my friends and family. It is also flourless and perfect to make if you are having guests over who are gluten intolerant.
pavlovaEveryone loves pavlova, it’s a family classic. The mound of meringue can be very intimidating but it’s really so easy and you will most likely have most of the ingredients.
båstad carrot cakeOn a recent rainy week spent in Sweden, I found the time to bake cakes instead of baking myself on the beach. This moist carrot cake with the quintessential cream cheese frosting makes for much happiness on a cold rainy day.
classic cheesecakeMy number one favourite all-time cake is a deliciously soft and creamy cheesecake. This recipe is a perfect example of how easy it is to make at home. Perfect for afternoon tea or as a dinner party dessert.
creme caramelCreme caramel is one of those desserts I remember as a child. Mum would always make it when she was entertaining. It's obviously not so fashionable these days as the the creme brulee took it's place. It's an easy dessert which is light and creamy. You could add some lemon or orange zest to give it a little something!
power ballsYou have probably seen these lovely little coconut mouthfuls in your health food shop, they are super quick to make and are the perfect low carb 4 o'clock pick me up instead of a snickers.
tiramisuThis creamy grown-up dessert is an Italian classic, in my experience, it is a dessert that can be simply delicious or a gluggy mess. My tip is to dip the biscuits very quickly into the coffee, this will allow them to keep their form and give more texture to the dessert. I also added a little grappa to my coffee 🙂 optional. You will need 6 glasses or dessert bowls or pie dish or similar.