Provencal TartThis Proven├žal tart is made easy with ready made pastry so it makes the perfect snack with drinks or light lunch.
spanakopitaThis Greek pie made with spinach and salty feta and creamy ricotta cheese is delicious and very impressive when made in a spring form pan. Have a go at this Spanakopita as it's easier than it looks!
cacio e pepeCacio e Pepe is literally cheese and pepper, a simple Roman classic that is quicker to make than to eat.
fig and pancetta saladEnjoy this light and fresh Summer salad for lunch or as a side to BBQ meats, figs and pancetta are the perfect pairing of sweet and salty.
tomato and basil soupThe soup of tomato and basil is light and fresh but paired with a delicious toastie , makes a filling lunch or dinner.
pea and watercress soupThe pure greenness of this soup soothes the soul on a cold night. This very green soup is packed full with antioxidants. Add a little lite sour cream and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to dress it up for guests.
pea and feta frittataThis frittata can be eaten any time of day, it's perfect for brunch entertaining or a lighter option to a quiche. You can also experiment with different flavours, try a frittata with mushrooms, chives and taleggio or maybe a combination of dill, smoked salmon, potato and asparagus.
classic bruschettaA classic tomato bruschetta is one of those plates you can almost always put together. Stale bread, tomatoes and garlic and if you don't have fresh basil substitute with dried oregano.
zucchini ribbon saladA simple and tasty salad of zucchini which I learned whilst doing a cooking course in Rome. Perfect served by itself or it would make a great light dinner with a grilled chicken breast.
ricotta stuffed mushroomsThese mushrooms are perfect as a starter or part of an antipasti plate. They are quite hearty so they could also be a light lunch with a green salad.
mushroom lasagnaThis mixed mushroom lasagne is buonissimo!! A great alternative to your traditional beef lasagne and it takes half the time.
pesto perfectionPesto comes from Liguria, a region in the North of Italy. It is most commonly used as a sauce for pasta but there are many other ways to add pesto. Spread pesto on some crusty bread, mix it with ricotta to make a creamy dip, use as a marinade for meat and fish. You can also add other herbs such as mint and parsley or use macadamia nuts instead of pine nuts. A very diverse sauce that is quick and easy to make.
eggplant parmigianaThis dish has all the taste and less guilt than a cheesy lasagne. A perfectly satisfying meal with a crisp green salad or a great side to a chicken schnitzel.